Nordex Food offers high-quality blue cheese

You've been searching for blue cheese. At Nordex Food you are guaranteed to find your new favourite blue cheese. We have a large range of cheeses in the world.

At Nordex Food, we always set the bar high. We therefore also have consistently high standards when it comes to quality and food safety. Thus, you can expect high quality flavoured cheeses from us at Nordex Food at any time. If you ask us, this can also be clearly tasted in the many cheeses that we offer our customers.

The wide range of blue cheese that we at Nordex Food lead is known and loved by many. There are especially many people around Europe who like the range of blue cheese. Of course, we are in no way surprised.

When you buy a blue cheese from Nordex Food, you are always assured good taste and texture that you will not find in many places. We make every effort to find the best and most tasteful cheeses on the market. Therefore, you can safely raise expectations and look forward to putting your teeth into our range of delicious cheeses.

Our cheeses go well to any cheese table. In addition, it is also highly appreciated for a well-covered breakfast table where the cheese is allowed to melt on the warm breakfast bread.

Blue cheese in private label

At Nordex Food, we can offer you as a customer to be able to sell our range of cheeses under your own brand name. This is also called private label.

This is especially suitable for supermarket chains, but cheese merchants and restaurant chains can also benefit from this service. Here you can give your customers the good Nordex Food taste experience, but under your very own brand.

We are extremely flexible when it comes to private label. Thus, you can almost always get your needs and wishes met with us.

If you have any questions or would like to hear about your options for cheese in private label – Please contact us today on phone no. 96 47 15 00 or by mail:

Blue cheeses
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