Feta cheese is suitable for any salad and for cooking

You have searched for feta. It is completely understandable that you like feta cheese. It has a pleasant taste and, last but not least, a delicious and creamy consistency.

This classic cheese is often referred to as salad cheese - and there is a very special reason for this:

The cheese is regionally protected, which means that only cheeses of this type are produced in Greece and can be called 'Feta cheese'. In all other places, creativity is required, and that is how we came up with salad cheese in Denmark and many other countries.

Feta cheese originated in Greece. The Greeks use it extensively, which is why this cheese is an essential and permanent part of Greek cuisine.

For a long time, the Greeks had the delicious feta cheese all to themselves. But gradually, over the years, more and more foreigners became aware of this salty cheese.

This is why the cheese is now world-famous and has become an integral part of foreign and new food cultures.

This also applies to Denmark. In Denmark, Feta cheese is well known and popular as the cheese of choice in all kinds of salads.

Endless possibilities with feta cheese

However, we at Nordex Food think it's a shame that this fantastic cheese is primarily known as a salad cheese. Feta cheese is just as good in many ways.

So try adding feta to your meatballs, meatloaf, pies or pizza. You will soon discover that the Greek cheese has many fantastic facets.

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Feta cheese
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