Feta cheese is suitable in every salad as well as in cooking

You have searched for feta. It is completely understandable that you like feta cheese. It has a lovely flavor and not least a delicious and creamy texture.

The classic cheese is often referred to as salad cheese - and for a very specific reason.

The cheese is protected by regional protection, which means that only cheeses of its kind produced in Greece may use the name feta cheese. Everywhere else, you have to think more creatively and here we in Denmark and many other countries have thus arrived at salad cheese.

Feta cheese has its origins in Greece. The Greeks use it extensively, making it a major and enduring component of Greek cuisine.

For a long time, the Greeks had the glorious feta cheese all to themselves. But as the years went by, more and more foreigners became aware of the salty cheese.

That is why it is now famous all over the world. It has thus entered foreign and new food cultures and become an integral part of them.

This also applies to Denmark. In this country, feta cheese is known and loved as the Danes' favorite cheese in all kinds of salads.

Endless possibilities with feta cheese

At Nordex Food, we think it's a shame that this fantastic cheese is mostly known as a salad cheese. Feta cheese is at least as eminent in many other respects.

So try adding feta to your meatballs, meatloaf, pies or on your pizza. You'll soon discover that Greek cheese has many amazing facets.

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Feta cheese
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