Parmigiano reggiano - real Parmesan cheese at its best

You have searched for parmigiano reggiano. We produce many different cheeses here at Nordex Food, but one of our absolute favorites is without a doubt parmigiano reggiano, this cheese is produced by one of our Italian suppliers. This cheese is completely unique and extra flavorful. This is especially due to the long aging that the cheese undergoes before it is cut into smaller pieces and blocks and shipped.

Parmigiano Reggiano is particularly suitable as the finishing touch to a delicious pasta dish. However, the cheese also suits a wide range of other dishes, such as soups and salads. Moreover, the Italian classic is often used in tapas. So you will often come across the Italians' favorite cheese.

Parmigiano reggiano produced at Nordjysk dairy

Nordex Food was established more than 20 years ago, with its roots firmly planted in the North Jutland soil. But as the years have passed, we have grown bigger and bigger and today we have no less than 4 dairies around Europe. However, our main dairy is and remains the North Jutland dairy.

Despite a perhaps surprisingly large selection of both parmigiano reggiano and all kinds of other cheeses, we produce many of our products ourselves. We do this in order to constantly test and maintain the quality and food safety of our cheeses.

Because this is something we care about immensely. Our goal is that every bite of our cheeses should be at least as heavenly as the last. This places high demands on the quality of the raw materials and the production itself. We also make the same demands on our suppliers to ensure the best possible quality.

But with the good fresh raw materials, such as dewy fresh milk from both cows and goats, as well as a modern production, we reach our goal.

When the cheese is fully matured after a minimum of 12 months, it is ready to go to our customers, who are mainly restaurants and supermarket chains in more than 70 countries. For example, our cheeses are used in several well-known eateries and restaurants. So you may well have already tasted several of our cheeses.

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Parmigiano reggiano
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