Taste our Greek cheese produced in Greece

Maybe you are in the food or catering industry. It could also be the case that you are a retailer that wants to offer your customers Greek cheese in blocks or cubes. At Nordex Food, we experience a great demand for this type of cheese. Of course, that is not surprising, because Greek cheese is a staple in the diet of millions of people in many countries. Greece has a long tradition for cheesemaking. Currently, there are more than 150 cheeses marked as PDOs (Protected Designation of Origin). The one type of cheese that tops the list of Greek cheeses is, of course, feta. Feta cheese is exported all over the world and it is highly regarded for its variations. Nordex Food is both a producer of salad cheese and a supplier of quality Greek cheese.

Our wide range of products include some of the best cheeses produced in Greece and Cyprus. Take for example Yamas! which means cheers in Greek. Yamas! halloumi can be enjoyed alongside fresh fruit or vegetables. This is a type of cheese that does not melt, when heated. Your customers can cut it into thick slices to fry it or barbecue it. Yamas! halloumi goes well with salads, wraps and burgers. Many people serve it as a starter with sweet chilli sauce. At Nordex Food, you can order traditional Halloumi and saganaki as well as Greek yogurt. Halloumi is a semi-hard cheese made from a mixture of goat's and sheep's milk. Due to its high melting point, halloumi can be fried or grilled. All our cheeses are produced according to strict quality standards and our packaging processes comply with European food safety regulations. Our dairies in Denmark, Austria, Romania and Wales have following certifications: BRC AA, IFS, RSPO, FSSC 22000 and ISO 22000.

Nordex Food supplies premium Greek cheese

If you are interested in saganaki, then our Yamas! saganaki would be an excellent choice. You can choose to sell most of our products under our brand or your own. We provide private label services for the food and catering industries as well as retailers. We will be happy to become your business partner.

Please call Nordex Food to place your order at +45 96 47 15 00 or email your enquiries to export@nordex-food.dk. We will be happy to assist you in choosing the right products for your customers. Please do not hesitate to visit our Taverna website

Greek cheese
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