At Nordex Food we offer high quality mozzarella cheese

You have searched for mozzarella cheese. It's perfectly understandable that you want to find the best mozzarella for your Italian specialties. Whether it's for homemade pizza or for gratinating, Nordex Food has the perfect cheese for just that.

This classic cheese is probably the best known and most widely used cheese in the world. In our western world, we use this flavorful white cheese extensively. There are almost countless uses for this cheese, and that may well be what has made it so incredibly popular.

Mozzarella cheese at its best

This delicious cheese is available in many different varieties. We offer not only mozzarella, but many other different types of this delicious cheese. These include blocks that you can grate yourself and cheese that is already grated. You can also get the cheese in different package sizes.

As a result, you are guaranteed to find the type and quantity of mozzarella you are looking for in our assortment. We can meet the vast majority of wishes and needs. For example, we also offer a private label solution. Here you can stock all or parts of our assortment under your own brand. And here we can also offer you other options in terms of sizes and packaging.

At Nordex Food, we are committed to maintaining high standards of quality and food safety. We do this so that you as our customer can feel confident in using our cheese. You can rest assured that you will get the same taste experience time and time again.

This also means that you can successfully use our wide range of cheeses in your catering business.

If you have any questions or would like to inquire about your private label cheese options - please contact us today on 0045 96 47 15 00 or by e-mail at

Mozzarella cheese
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