White cheese

Since 1984, NORDEX FOOD has been selling high quality white cheeses. Our experience goes back more than 35 years, but white cheese has been enjoyed in the Middle East for more than 6000 years. With our broad and long-standing knowledge of the cheeses and the market, we can produce many exciting varieties. We also sell the traditional Greek Feta and other types of white cheese from well-known cheese producers.

Our range

Our white cheeses are produced from cow's, sheep's and/or goat's milk, with different fat contents and as soft, creamy or firm cheeses. We offer our products in all sizes from 50g to 500kg, and this, together with a wide range of flavors, gives you a myriad of applications. Our white cheese range also offers a wide variety of shapes and cuts from square and round blocks to slices, crescents, triangles and cubes. 


We can supply cheese products in all packaging sizes and types, from very small retail packaging to large industrial packs. Our solutions include sizes from 50 g to 500 kg, and we can deliver in packaging such as plastic cups and buckets, vacs, cans, glass and bags - whatever your needs.

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