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Our food habits change in these years. We eat less meat because of the climate and more on-the-go. But whether we eat outside, inside or at work, we want fast, healthy and delicious food. With NORDEX FOODs Heat & Eat products, the otherwise difficult combination can be made easy. The cheeses are well suited as a substitute for meat in hot dishes or as delicious snacks on-the-go.

Our range

Whether for the canteen, food business, the kitchen at home or street food market on the corner, our grill cheese, Cypriot Halloumi, Indian-inspired paneer and cheese fries cater for all your different needs. The consistency of the products varies, and they also come in a wide range of flavours. The selection, combined with a variety of cuts in blocks, slices, fries or cubes means you can get exactly the product you need. Heat & Eat products can be cooked in countless ways, e.g. pan-fried, combined in a saucepan with other delicious ingredients, grilled or in the deep frier. 


Cheeses for grilling & pan frying




Cheese Fries

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Heat & Eat range


We can supply cheese products in all packaging sizes and types. Our solutions include sizes ranging from small retail packaging and single packs to large industrial packaging, and we can supply packaging in the form of cartons, vacuum packs and bags.

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