Try the tasty goat cheese from Nordex Food

You have searched for goat's cheese. At Nordex Food we are very fond of this classic. Therefore, it was also in the cards from the very beginning that we naturally had to have our own production of the flavorful goat cheese.

As the name suggests, our goat's cheese is of course made from good goat's milk. Producing cheese from goat's milk is not exactly a new invention. It is estimated that the first cheeses were made from goat's milk. This means that goat's cheese has been produced in this part of the world for thousands of years.

However, a lot has happened since the first goat's cheese was produced. Today, our goat's cheese is produced in our modern factories. Here we have the framework and tools to produce the most amazing and flavorful cheeses.

We produce a wide variety of cheeses every day. So you are almost guaranteed to find your favorite in our assortment. Whether it is the good mozzarella for your pizza, parmasan for your pasta, feta cheese for your salad or cheese for the breakfast table. You will find that and much more in our selection here at Nordex Food.

Private label goat's cheese

You can find our products in many supermarkets and restaurants in many parts of Europe. In fact, you and your company can also have goat's cheese and our many other products produced under private label.

This way, you can sell our cheeses under your own brand, offering your customers good quality cheeses and promoting your company or brand.

At Nordex Food we do not compromise on the quality of our cheeses. This of course also applies to our goat cheese.

We therefore also regularly quality test all our products. We do this simply to ensure that there are no food safety breaches and that we maintain the good texture and delicious flavors of our cheeses.

If you have any questions or want to hear about your options for private label cheese - Contact us today by phone +45 96 47 15 00 or by email:

Goat cheese
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