At Nordex Food you will find a large selection of grilling cheese

You have searched for grilled cheese. At Nordex Food we have a wide range of grilled cheese.

Cheese is great, but grilled cheese is even better. Here you get an absolutely delicious texture that combines with the slightly smoky flavor that the grill adds to the cheese.

However, not all cheeses are equally suitable for the grill. Therefore, you can take advantage of our selection of barbecue cheese. That way you are sure to get suitable and not least flavorful cheeses to bring home for your barbecue.

You might want to try our halloumi cheese. This is one of our best-selling grilling cheeses. It is known and loved by many for its unique flavor and creamy texture that a trip to the grill gives it.

Should it be the case that you do not have a grill or do not have time to light up your grill, then there is another solution, our grilled cheese is almost as amazing when fried in a pan. This way you can easily, quickly and effortlessly prepare grilled cheese in an otherwise busy everyday life.

At Nordex Food we produce grill cheese of the highest quality

We produce most of our cheeses ourselves in our 4 factories spread across Europe. We do this because we take our quality and food safety standards very seriously. It's these standards that mean you can expect the same great, rich flavor time and time again.

As we produce most of the cheeses ourselves, we can constantly check the cheeses. We do this to ensure that they meet our high standards.

If you have any questions or want to hear about your options for private label cheese - Contact us today by phone +45 96 47 15 00 or by email:


Grilled cheese
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